10 May 2018

The Garden in May

1 May 2018

May Day around Carlux

Welcome to Carlux!

This is the Modern Art version, i.e. no subject too banal.
Somebody broke la Croix de Branel ..

 A golden Acacia at the centre of the maze, Les Jardin de Cadiot.
 Bee hives.

Even the weeds are colourful.

11 Feb 2018

Along Clarence Drive Sunday morning with a stiff breeze.

27 Jan 2018

Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden; Worcester; RSA

Views from the Shale Trail

Aloe, aloe, what 'ave we 'ere then?

Quiver tree bark
Rusty shale....

7 Dec 2017

 Still no sun but the rain was quite light when we started and soon gave way to mist.  It's good to have someone in red for scale in landscape photos.

 Although the scenery looks uniformly green at a distance,up close there is a great variety of colour: various  shades of green, grey,blue, and sparkling wild flowers everywhere.

6 Dec 2017

 The green,green hills of Natal surround the Cathedral Peak Hotel.  We're waiting for the sun.

 Spion Kop or Spioenkop is the sight of one of the bloodiest battles in the Anglo-Boer War. It's a calm and peaceful place today with a small welcoming committee.

 A dam was built in the 1960s so there is a large lake.
 Some small wonders.

 there are two Reids listed amoung those killed from Lancashire.