14 Dec 2018

Ha Long Bay_Viet Nam

After climbing the 400 plus steps to the top of Ti Top Island I am greeted by many, many others and a panoramic view.

Vietnamese style

Some are more stylish than others.

One extreme to another.
Four of theirs and one of ours.

Around Saigon_23 November 2018

Lots more scooters than cars.

'Grab' is a sort of Uber service for scooter.  Dial up, a guy comes on a scooter and you take your kid to the baby sitter.
And you can take just about anything on a scooter. Beware the ninja scooterist!  Really they're just protecting themselves from the sun... and pollution.
Mobile plant shop.
Our guide says traveling by bus is not very comfortable but to me it looked better than being on a scooter and costs only .25 cents.
We visited the Cu Chi tunnel complex, which includes a shooting range with weapons from the "American war".  I couldn't resist an AK47.

A four-star traffic cop.

More ninjas.

 An excellent meal for our last night in Saigon on a specially printed postcard showing lotus sellers.

Around Can Tho and the Phuoc Hau pagoda.

Water taxis among the garbage.

Another example of a tall, narrow building; you'd think it was time they changed the tax code to square metres.

We have phalaenopsis orchids everywhere.

Modern architecture and advertising.

Buddha and buddies and an attendant.

9 Dec 2018

Cai Rang market,near Can Tho_20-11-2018

 Fresh and hot produce and not so.

Women at work; some jobs require more effort than others.

 Property taxes are based on frontage so we see many tall, narrow buildings, one room wide and several deep.

 "Anti-aging drink" fresh coconut water.
 A friend pointed out this probably means 'Vinh's Boat storage'.

6 Dec 2018

Can Tho, Viet Nam_20-11-18

 Can Tho, a thriving river side town , the fourth largest in Viet Nam.  Like many places here,most people travel by motor bike. Why hire a truck to move your cast iron screen when your buddy has a scooter!

 I'm sure this is a very nice jewellery store but I can't think they get much tourist business.

PhnomPenh_The Killing Fields_17 November 2018

 A sobering visit to the Killing Fields memorial and nearby detention centre.  Not somewhere to take many photos but they have a nice collection of orchids.  An old survivor sells his memoirs.